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Why would I deal with you when I can go to Microsoft or whoever that's free or cheaper?
I understand your concerns about customer service and technical support from call centers. 
However, as an individual offering computer services, I provide personalized attention and expertise that may not be available through larger companies like Microsoft. 
While there may be free or cheaper options available, my services come at a competitive rate, and I offer the convenience of quick and efficient solutions to your computer issues. 
Additionally, if you prefer to learn how to solve the problems yourself in the future, I can provide basic training for an additional fee. 

Furthermore, I have extensive experience with various computer issues and continuously update my knowledge through quizzes and tests to provide the best service possible. 
Ultimately, the decision to choose me or a larger company is up to you. 
However, if you're looking for a personalized, efficient, and cost-effective solution to your computer issues, I believe my services can meet your needs. 

Resources n connections where you can choose what you want to buy possibly at discounted rates across the country coming soon....

Frequently Asked Questions

More will be added soon

I completely understand your frustration with established computer companies and their customer service practices. 

As someone who has been self-taught and has had decades of experience in the computer industry, I am able to provide personalized and efficient services at a competitive rate.

I believe that many of the larger corporations take advantage of the public's lack of knowledge about computers and overcharge for their services. As someone who has worked in phone rooms before, I have seen firsthand how some agents may not be fully qualified or knowledgeable and may charge exorbitant fees for minor issues.

In contrast, I have extensive experience with various hardware and software issues and can provide quick and efficient solutions to your computer problems. 

Additionally, I offer personalized attention and training for those who prefer to learn how to solve their computer issues themselves in the future.

Ultimately, the choice to come to me or a larger corporation is yours. 

However, I am confident that my expertise, competitive rates, and personalized attention can provide you with the best value and service for your computer needs.

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