All that you get of me

I know I come from the city of sin but with all the right connections we can reach up to the top mange together

My family on both sides came from different countries to make a life not only for themselves but for us kids in America just like most of you did. 
On my fathers side are the Italians and on my mothers side is the Spanish

Theres stories from both sides
We come from the food business, entertainment, politics, fashion, wine and spirits and gaming. 

Some that reached to the top with making their mark in the limelight.


It is told that my great grandfather was Al Capones bodyguard and hitman who was involved in a murder and went missing which nobody has heard from since...But I assure you, nobody else in the famiglia is a known killer.

My grandfather was a cook and boxer in the Los Angeles county in the 40s and 50s as a general manager for the first pizzeria in the city where he bumped heads with major celebrities and politicians and business people...on top of yesteryear's mobsters who loved their pasta.        He then came to Vegas to run his own ristorante and was a waiter at the Sands hotel during the Rat Pack era for which at the same time in 1955 his brother and my aunt built the Bootlegger ristorante with some family that stands up to this day who cooked food the way that it should be cooked back in the old country.

That was years after working in the chemical factory for the military prior to WWII in Pennsylvania making ammo.

She was from Canada and he was from New York after his family came from Platania, Catanzaro Calabria.

He was a bartender and she was in the kitchen and waiting tables until they won some money then moved to the west coast. 

My father coming from Los Angeles county as well moved to Vegas and was in the ARMY as a cook for almost 10 years during the Vietnam war era but didn't serve in combat but instead came to Las Vegas and started his career with the food industry as well as being a casino dealer in hotels that still are alive today and some that are no longer on the ground prior to the mega moguls taking over the mobbed up joints until his retirement as a boss living his humble life with his wife a retired bartender. 

Most of my famiglia on that side are either retired or deceased

My grandfather was killed in a freak boating accident at Lake Mead after I was born, so I never got to meet him but he was glad my mother was pregnant with me and then a few years later came my brother who is a business management graduate and business owner as a remodeler, handyman and mechanic.

We had family in the bootlegging business, gambling, food, and construction after coming from Palermo Sicily and Platania Calabria in 1901.

On my mothers side they came from South America in the 1960s and my uncles started their careers in the hospitality industry and became casino dealers and bartenders until their deaths with my mother, an uncle and an aunt still being alive. 
The first uncle that came into America was on a cruise ship and offered a job as a bartender and came to Las Vegas and worked in some of the hotels who also was involved in creating the Spanish AA of Nevada after being invited himself to an AA meeting because of his alcoholism back in those days when I was a kid. 

My grandfather and grandmother were farmers and tradesmen and his father fathered 50 sons for the Paraguay and Argentina war.. they all died. He was in the military too.


So one uncle was able to pool his money to get the other brothers and sisters into town where one of my other uncles became a great fisherman of the family as well as bartender but never dealt cards but his other siblings did and then one of my aunts became a casino dealer and fashion designer along with my mother who pursued her dream who became one of the brightest in the state to create and sell sweaters and dresses while being a seamstress/tailor until their retirement.

As life would follow, both separated from their spouses to marry other people who lasted over 30 years still in Las Vegas. 

My stepfather was not only a casino poker dealer but prior to that he served as a combat helicopter pilot during Vietnam with 3 tours and 2 tours in the Dominica Republic earning himself 8 Bronze stars and purple hearts who rolled up the ranks pretty quick and flew the Huey, Chinook, LOH, and the Cobra in Dak To and Da Nang and La Drang Valley who stayed in the Army's 1st of the 9th cavalry for almost 25 years and taught General George Patton's son how to fly.
He divorced from his wife of over 20 years and had some children who are building contractors around the country.  


I was a shy runt as a kid until maybe high school. 

So one day in history class, a student I sat next to gave me a flyer to his party..looked cool so I went and it seemed like fun and was packed. At the time I had a truck and told him that I could help transport the equipment etc for him and becvame a member of the Creators of the Bass group.

He was a DJ and we became close friends for 3 years setting up house parties together and I would be like the PR guy making and handing out the flyers around town and making business cards and putting them in students lockers where my teen line phone would ring off the hook on  :where's the party?"

Started getting popular where hundreds of people knew who I was and gained respect and no longer was being bullied.


We would take $1-3 per head at the door with the bouncer on top of the DJ fee and many times end up with $1200-1500 in the weekend 

I think the most we made was off a keg of Coca Cola but mostly we had Miller Light beer.


I was always tardy, probably could call me the tardy king because I would end up getting stopped in the hallways from someone I had known or that knew me on top of not focusing on my schoolwork I had issues with sleep apnea.


So school gets done, I didn't graduate but I got my GED few years later.

Got a job working for a pizza joint as a cook and washed the dishes while starting high school and bussed tables and was the game boy and cleaned years later.


I've worked for a pager company, telemarketing, other restaurants, video store, movie theaters, food catering, marketing businesses, casinos, sell travel, did maintenance for 2 shopping centers for years and worked the Hollywood memorabilia store. 

I've also worked with my brother washing windows and home restorations and helping with his website and other office stuff.


I've also been a top volunteer for Miracles of hope network, Defense foundation for children, Everychildmatters, did legal research and volunteer coordinator and volunteered for lostnmissing org.


Back in the late 1990s I embarked upon the great open sea of the Internet sailing me ship from here n there and I came upon an online network game called Acrophobia that I got addicted to and played for months where we played in groups or alone if we wanted and we built a group of 20 members and the team captain asked me if I wanted to build them pages. 

So at the time I was learning basic HTML and Windows etc and took some classes during my employment with Sunset Station Hotel and Casino and took me a month and called it Masterz n Slavez all themed out with sounds and fantasy pics and biographies of each member. 

Then I decided that after I sold it to her for $350 that I would promote myself online to messageboards before there was Facebook and Twitter etc there was Yahoo groups and I posted there and met my first client, a Hollywood film producer that I met who wanted his website redone with a shopping cart etc. 

At the time I Thought that I could do it so I accepted the challenge not knowing that there was coding involved that I wasn't experienced in...So I told him and at the time of our meeting he was making a Yoga training video and wanted a model and actress, so I offered to scout for him and then after that I ventured out to look for more clients and that started me on this wild journey that took me in n out of the modeling and entertainment world that had its twists and turns and interviewing some great talent and beauties of which some I still network and am friends with today and who are well known, including a few celebs...25+ years later where I was screening leads and looking for work for some of them after telling me some negative issues they were going through and then branching out into different types in the industry and worked trade show booths....Even when I was homeless for 5 months after the crash.


Well Ill tell ya after decades of runnin the streets sellin travel in Vegas with the Saving Money Travel syndicate I left and needed a change of environment and I was recruited into the Virtual Assistant Bureau as a grunt in the organization. 

Then I grew up into the ranks and now I serve the dept as Chief virtual assistant Nevada Division 

Entertainment consultant since late 1996 and operations coordinator of sorts in 2015 Inducted to the Who's Who of America 

It's about what you know and who you know that makes the difference in your career or business as well as how you dedicate yourself to the craft with a touch of confidence n product knowledge and enthusiasm... anything is possible 


Life is what you make of it I heard and I guess you can say I'm a jack of many trades. 

I have started my experience in 1991 after high school working in the field of sales for a few companies inbound and outbound with various health and beauty products with the Vegas mob before getting involved in fundraising for military academies, non profit universities, and art galleries as well as the Ocean Conservancy after my volunteer work online as well as some offline since 2001 for children' abuse and neglect cases as well as domestic abuse advocacy and animal rights as well as helping to locate missing persons concerning research and fundraising and networking them with qualified volunteers and experts as well as some media. 

I drink sociably - so where's the party ?? 

I like red wine and either tea or water with my vegetarian or vegan or carnivore meal. 

8 years with no sickness baby by changing my food intake and eliminating junk food and sodas! 

NO GMOS No drugs have got this pretty boy since 91. 


So if you have an event or project you need help with, then let me know the details and I will see who for you to hook up with. 

22,000+ sites and industry people in 22 yrs alone in the modeling and entertainment biz out of research, scouting, working convention booths, and more. 

Over 4600 acquaintances and friends on Facebook...Currently but I had met 5 times that many through the years.

I played b flat clarinet 6 for yrs but lost my horn. I could say lost the touch too but let's not go there. 

I was known as the party connection back in 1986-89 in high school, setting up parties and transporting DJ equipment while promoting them. After the party days, I went on my merry way lookin for happiness. Anthony Robbins says that's a state of mind and I guess there wasn't any room in there for that. 

So now trying to pick up the pieces of my puzzle and make it a best seller. 


A few testimonials:


You Are a wonderful person and have made the difficult times so much easier.....My World is better because of your friendship! Blessings to you!" Music producer Jacque H Who created the children's trust with Mr. Brown 


Your a genius on the streets! If anyone can do it you can! I'm calling you. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile Limo Bob of 


You're awesome Alan! 

Wanna be my manager and book me, guests? http://www.PlatinumAir.TV Platinum Air TV owner/operator & Touch of Tiffinie Beauty Services · September 1, 2015 to present · Las Vegas, Nevada 

Helping this world one moment at a time 

Mention my name for an exclusive surprise 

All the people that you see on my wall go like this. 

They are either networked with us in the business world or entertainment industry or fitness and health and nonprofit org advocates too. 

Then there's the news that I think is important to add...if you have a discrepancy about your research and show us that it's wrong or if there's more evidence that you found. 

I've networked with professionals, CEOs, other execs, some celebs, owners of businesses, models, actors, entertainers, fitness gurus, and some friends and family 

I've been doing this for 14 years with over 1200 people back in my first year 2009. 

I scout while I  work with a home restoration business, and travel advisory service and was told I'm the best P I that they've seen coming from veteran P I's and I'm not a P I 

I also have acting experience with CASINO/Vegas Vacation/Angel/Rocky 6 and have been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and met all kinds of wonderful people, including A and B list talent I've helped at booths in conventions and helped with PR and screening leads and my main focus is to connect you with worthy industry people as there are a lot of flakes around if you haven't seen them. 

We also help sell luxury goods like exotic limos, yachts, and aircraft and locate investors for movies and inventions, and businesses as an intermediary 

As far as politics goes...I'm an independent contractor 1099M


Chief Alan Perry Jr of Virtual Assistant Bureau and Vegas Travel Connection

My skills

Economist Paul Zane Pilzer said you must diversify your skillset in today's world

From a young age, I was already taking on various tasks alongside my parents and brother - from lawn care to car mechanics, building and repairing properties, and even helping my mother with her fashion business and cooking. It was during my high school years that I discovered my aptitude for electrical engineering and eventually found my niche in computer repair and building.

My work experience ranges from washing dishes and cooking at Pizza Hut Inc to advertising specialist at a newspaper and even dabbling in market research. But my skills don't stop there - I've also taken classes in internet search engines, hotel management, and business administration.

On top of all that, I've been blogging and active on social media since the late 1990s, and have even worked as Hamburglar for terminally ill kids in the hospital. My passion for motivational speaking and self-help research led me to read most of the books and tapes on the subject during the 1990s.

I've also raised a substantial amount of money for military academies and received the Spirit award for my efforts. And while I may not claim to be the best website designer, I offer to set up a rough draft for clients and work towards building it further through my own expertise or with the help of a third party. With all of this experience under my belt, I believe I am well-equipped to provide valuable consultation services.


I am always in training on something...

Like with

Windows 11


Wave apps



Email Marketing

Sales Funnels







Facebook ads

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

Systems Strategist



And more





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